Amazing Nivea Creme Beauty Hacks

Nivea creme tips

Do you know that Nivea creme cannot only work as a moisturizer but is a versatile creme that has other beauty hacks?

Yes, ladies! Nivea creme has magic wonders on the skin and it can be useful for the following beauty tips:

Nivea Creme Beauty Tips

1.  Makeup remover

Massage Nivea creme on the skin and remove the excess makeup with a cotton pad or tissue paper. You will get very clean soft skin.

2.Moisturizer and a protector of the sun:

Nivea creme is effective to nourish and soothe dry skin especially during colder months and protects your skin from sunburn.


Nivea creme is effective to tame frizzy hair, make your hair shiny without grease.

Take some Nivea creme, apply it in the palm of your hands, and massage your hair especially your hair endings.

4.Makeup=Nivea as a blush

Mix Nivea creme with your favorite powder blush. The thick consistency of Nivea cream will give you a natural and shiny look.


Nivea creme contains glycerine and lanolin; these ingredients are perfect to soften the cuticles and treat dry or damaged hands and feet.

Apply Nivea creme before bed on your hands or feet and wear socks to seal in the moisture.

6.Lip balm

You can simply soften and moisturize your lips by using Nivea creme or you can make your own lip gloss by mixing Nivea creme with your favorite eyeshadow and apply it to your lips, it will give you a fresh look.

7. To moisturize and soften a dry scalp

Put a dab of Nivea cream on the scalp and massage in circular motions. Leave it all night and wash your hair with your favorite shampoo.

Nivea creme