Good News! Beauty and the Beast Makeup is now for Real

Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson is one of the most successful Disney Classics and this for no doubt.

The new Makeup collection of Beauty and the Beast is launched by the “L’Oreal Paris” makeup company amazing right?. This newly packaged set includes 7 lipsticks and 7 nail polish from the same color associated with the initial characters; you can buy the whole set or individually.

As for the lipstick, the price is for $11 and the nail polish is for $8. This limited collection is available only in Europe for the moment and it is sold only for bosses of Italy on the Amazon website in February 9th. So, if you are from Italy mm, or let’s say from Europe you are so lucky.

Beauty and the Beast makeup collection:

Léa Beauty and the Beast 2017 makeup collection

Léa Beauty and the Beast 2017 whole makeup collection