Get a Shiny Curly Hair with these Natural Creams

Get shiny curly hair with natural creams

Curly hair is glamorous and distinctive, it gives you a special look, but having beautiful curly hair is harder than you think. Heat and chemical products can leave your curls to look brittle and dry.

Hopefully, there are many natural masks that you can adapt to get curly wavy hair with healthiest hair routine tips that are worth it.

Natural Creams to Get Shiny Curly Hair

1.Aloe Vera Cream

How to use it?

wash your hair with your regular shampoo and dry it with microfiber hair towel. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients mentioned above together until you obtain a soft cream.

Apply the cream on your hair ends and all over. divide your hair into two or three parts (it depends on your hair ) make two or three braids. Use hair elastic to secure your braids.

Twist these braids all over and cover your hair and leave these braids for 6 hours or overnight to get better results.

Finally, make sure your braids are completely dry, undone all the braids. Blend the sections with your fingers.

Style your hair and put hairspray. Enjoy your curls!

curly wavy hair creams
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Refreshing Spray for shiny curly hair



In a clean bowl put all the mentioned ingredients and add warm water. Mix well with a fork. Pour this mixture into the spray bottle. Use this spray to give your curls freshness and keep them well moisturized.

Curly wavy hair creams
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2.Shea Butter Cream



  • Combine shea butter with aloe gel. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Transfer the mixture into a small jar.
  • Store the creamy mixture in a cool, dry place within a month.


  • Start with a small amount to obtain better results don’t overuse these creams.
  • Avoid these creams if you have greasy hair.