Best Things to do at the Weekend to Start a Fresh Week

Best Things to do at the Weekend to Start a Fresh Week

Weekends have paramount importance to start a well-focused fresh week and feeling well-prepared for another successful week. Weekends are also great to set up yourself for the upcoming week and plan amazing things to do in order to boost your energy and positive attitudes.

Here are the top 12 indoors and outdoors activities to do on a weekend to have a productive fresh week.


Cleaning your home is important to feel comfortable and well-organized to have a focused week. Having a clean tidy home that scents amazing will help you to relax and get rid of anxiety.

Therefore, cleaning your home will keep you productive and ease the tension between family members because everyone is helping and busy cleaning every inch of the home.

What are the tips that keep your home always clean?

  1. Make your bed and keep your room always organized before you leave home.

2. When you enter the home, leave your shoes at the door, so that you won’t have dirty footprints on the floor.

3. After each meal you take, do the dishes and don’t leave them dirty because it’s going to save you time.

4. Keep the sanitary always neat and organized.

5. Clean and organize your home every day for 15-20 minutes to get rid of stress and feel comfortable.


Best Things to do at the Weekend to Start a Fresh Week

One of the greatest things to do at the weekend is to read a book or a novel in history, psychology, fiction, or crime. Reading will expand your creativity and imagination to come up with new things in life.

Reading a book is also a life-changer because it stimulates your brain performance and boosts your thinking capability.

A variety of research studies shows that reading reduces anxiety and relieves stress because you will take yourself away and your mind off of your own life.

Best Things to do at the Weekend to Start a Fresh Week

3. Cook

Cooking at home for yourself or for your family is definitely enjoyable and provides a great feeling.

Research studies in psychology show that cooking at home is stress relieve and therapeutic because it reinforces self-confidence and self-love that lead to positive influence.

4. Spend time outdoors

Weekends are momentous to spend time outdoors with your beloved ones since it has many benefits on mental health. Here are the main reasons why being outdoors is important.

  • Spending time in nature and stargazing at the great God’s creature will enhance your productivity and imagination.
  • You expose your body to sun which helps you get good doses of vitamin D.
  • Walking in nature will help you stay calm and focused .
  • Exposing yourself to the open air will boost your immune system function and help you fight infections as you inhale and exhale fresh oxygen.

5. Take a relaxing bath

Best Things to do at the Weekend to Start a Fresh Week

There are many relaxing benefits of soaking in a hot tub on physical and mental health. Obviously taking a bath can help you get rid of dirt, irritation, dead skin, and make you comfortable. A hot tub will also relieve muscle pain after a long day out or an intensive workout.


Meditation is a mindfulness exercise that helps you stay focused and handle stress. Studies have shown that meditation can reduce stress levels and anxiety. It also enhances self-awareness which helps you understand yourself and your thoughts better. Additionally, meditation can place you in a peaceful state and make you work smarter.

7. Paint / Draw

Best Things to do at the Weekend to Start a Fresh Week

If you are an art lover painting is an amazing activity to do in order to improve your mental health. Art is a therapy for the mind that helps you stay focused and solve memory problems. Besides, art can help you express yourself in your own way through your paintings and drawing to distress and encourage the state of happiness.

Art can also improve your self-esteem to develop social and emotional well-being.

8. Take a nap

Napping is mainly recommended to boost mental and physical health development and recharge your energy. It has positive effects on health such as relieving stress and fatigue, improve learning, reduce signs of aging, lower blood pressure, and improve the immune system.

9. Exercise

Exercising during the weekend like walking, cycling, swimming, and jogging is important because it improves physical and mental health. Regular exercise is beneficial for brain cell function and stimulates muscle building. It’s also proven that exercise can make you feel happier and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression because it triggers the brain to release dopamine and endorphins that are responsible to relieve pain and increase the feeling of pleasure.

10. Self-care

Taking care of yourself is linked to less depression and better self-esteem.

What’s self-care?

Self-care means taking care of yourself to care about your mind, your healthy habits, your skin, and all the things that improve your physical and mental health.

Self-care helps you recognize your self-compassion and valuing your emotional needs. Regular self-care can also reduce stress and make you more productive to improve the quality of your life.


Gardening is a therapy for mental and physical health because it impacts our lives in a positive way. Spending time in nature with trees and flowers is beneficial for us to disconnect from the outer world and reduce stress. Studies in psychology also show that gardening has long-term effects on our lives because it decreases BMI levels, increases mental focus, and improve memory.

12. Picnic

Spending time in nature breathing fresh air with our beloved ones is certainly amazing and beneficial to start afresh week with plenty of energy. A picnic day in the countryside or mountains is an opportunity to gather family members or friends and increase the bond relation between people and the feelings of love and serenity. Picnic time is also a great occasion to meditate in nature peacefully to reduce stress and increase self-reflection.